Scholarships Change Lives

When fueled by scholarship support, students have the ability to take full advantage of the Salve experience: A transformative education, dedicated faculty, abundant co-curricular and extracurricular opportunities and a community rooted in the mercy mission.

As a key priority of the Our Mission. Our Moment. campaign, The SALVEfund builds on the foundation of generosity and mercy-inspired leadership that has defined Salve since its founding. One can see the effect of this philanthropy all around campus.

While all donors to The SALVEfund are assured that their gift will have an immediate and tangible impact on every element of Salve, gifts in support of scholarships can be some of the most transformative, and to the student recipients, some of whom are featured below, the impact is felt in a deeply personal manner that will resonate for years to come.

Nyla, Political Science

Scholarship support made it possible for Nyla to achieve her dream of leaving her hometown of Chicago to pursue her goal to one day serve as a U.S. diplomat. For many, college is an opportunity to expand and grow. Students not only develop as scholars but also as well-rounded individuals, as they benefit from being exposed to new life experiences.

This was certainly true for Nyla. The ability to forge her path with intention rather than being driven by necessity has afforded her the opportunity to set a course where each step brings her closer to her desired goal. Nyla appreciates the relationships she has developed, especially with her professors. “I have the privilege to be able to [connect] with all the political science professors I’ve had,” she said. “I value the connections I have been able to make on a variety of levels.”

In addition to her academic pursuits, Nyla is developing her leadership skills through an internship with the Office of Multicultural Programs and Retention, and serves as a mentor for Salve’s Pathways Program, where she works with local high school students, helping them navigate the path to college. This experience has reinforced to her the value of scholarship support. “It can really make or break someone’s college experience,” she said. “To people who give … we just really appreciate the donation and the caring heart they have to even consider giving. It does not go unnoticed.”

Kevin, Business

An emerging entrepreneur, Kevin initially delayed coming to Salve in order to work and save for tuition. Eventually, through a lot of hard work and the generosity of scholarship donors, he was able to matriculate and embark on his Salve adventure.

As a business administration major, Kevin is interested in construction, real estate investing and running his own business. Kevin is keen to maximize his time at Salve and part of what he values most is the opportunity to engage and network with the broader Newport community.

His summer internship with local firm Kirby Perkins allowed him to learn from professionals about how to operate a successful business. “I know whatever is going to happen that I have a lot of opportunity so it’s really just up to me to go and get it,” he said. “Salve definitely offers that to anybody … if you use the resources that you have here.”

Kevin came to Salve with clear goals in mind, but he never thought he would be able to accomplish so much so quickly. While he has a definite vision and is a driven student, he humbly attributes his success to his scholarship and those who have helped him every step of the way. “Salve has given me this opportunity through the generosity of the donors who give … and support students like me,” he said. “I would have a very hard time accomplishing my goals without their support.”

Kaitlyn, Business

Paying acts of kindness and generosity forward is important for Kaitlyn. A business major, she plans to open a cheerleading gym to provide coaching and mentorship to kids in her home community.

Kaitlyn grew up in the gym and was welcomed there with care, respect and love and wants to provide that same support to others. Supporting others is a fundamental part of Kaitlyn’s nature. She is active in the Office of Student Engagement and serves as a peer mentor on campus.

She is grateful for the role scholarships play in making her Salve experience possible. “These scholarships allow me to be a part of the Salve community of giving and give back to the causes I think are important,” she said. “I can spend less time worrying about finances and more time thinking about the community that serves me.”

Kaitlyn’s experience as a scholarship beneficiary has inspired her to want to do the same for others. “Once I get the business off the ground, I want to provide a scholarship program to give back to athletes that might not necessarily be able to afford competitive cheerleading … to give back to those types of athletes,” she said.

Neri, Psychology

A first-generation college student, Neri takes his opportunity to study at Salve seriously. His desire to make his family proud motivates him to succeed and thanks to scholarship assistance, Neri was able to make his desire to study at his first choice of schools a reality.

It is normal to begin college with a degree of hesitancy, but after a short time, Neri was able to carve out a path for himself and set higher goals. He was immediately drawn to psychology and quickly made that his major. Aside from his coursework, he is involved with the Leadership Scholars Program and has an on-campus job in the Office of Advancement.

Neri specifically enjoys the opportunity to engage in meaningful conversations with Salve professors. “I think it is definitely inspiring because a lot of them talked about how they came from nothing to be able to be so successful,” he said.

Coming to Salve was important for Neri because he wanted to explore his independence in a safe, welcoming community. “Without donor support, I wouldn’t have been able to fall in love with the community, develop my independence and forge lifelong friendships while pursuing my degree,” he said.

Scholarships Change Lives

Gifts to the The SALVEfund reverberate across campus, touching every aspect of student life – by empowering the mercy mission, fueling scholarships and positioning our students for success. Every gift makes a difference and every donor to the fund gives for a different reason.

Constantine Christopulos ’04 chooses scholarship as the vehicle for his philanthropy. “I contribute specifically to scholarships to ensure that every student has the opportunity to pursue their academic journey,” he said. “Scholarships break down barriers to education, allowing opportunities for all.”

Donors to The SALVEfund in support of scholarships truly change the lives of students like Nyla, Kevin, Kaitlyn and Neri and serve as a testimonial to the power of collective giving. The power of an individual gift is extraordinary, the power of many is limitless.